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About Karen Blanchard

Let’s face it dealing with death of a loved one and divorce suck!  There is no nice way of putting that.  But, Karen can tell you that if you go through the process of healing and creating a vision for the future you will create joy and happiness once again.  Karen is living proof.

Wouldn’t you like to get through divorce and death of a loved one the SHORTEST way possible?

Karen has been helping people with their health and wellness for of over 15 years.

Despite dedicating her life to serving others and raising her 7 beautiful children she was thrust into a painful divorce at the age of 38. During her recovery journey, she learned many lessons that can help others struggling with the effects of divorce, separation, or break up of a long-term relationship. And, while dating again after divorce realized that many people have been “stuck” from emotionally moving on and decided to help these people past the pain and help them become the best people they can be for themselves and for their future relationships.

While reconstructing her life after divorce, she lost her 17-year-old daughter in a car accident.  Her life felt like it stopped, and she struggled and fought to get out of the darkness.  Although the two very stressful situations are very different she realized there were similar processes to recovery.

Karen is passionate about sharing her journey and step by step system to help others reconstruct their lives after the death of a loved one,  divorce and empty nest with POWER, CONFIDENCE & JOY so people can create joy and happiness once again.

So, Karen understands what you are going through.  Life has been stressful at times, traumatic at others and fun, joyful and happy as well.

So,  let’s get through this journey together.  The fastest, easiest and best way possible, while keeping in mind it will take time.


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